Sunday, 21 June 2009

Other Uses for the FreeBSD Daemon?

A friend of mine has been visiting from the Czech Republic over the weekend, an infrequent thing that inevitably results in visits to East Kilbride's pubs and nightclubs that we'll later regret. Some special strangeness last night came in the form of a sex-toy vending machine in the male toilets in Shenanigans in East Kilbride's town centre. Who would have thought that the FreeBSD daemon (right) was moonlighting as a purveyor of kinky goods?


1 comment:

  1. i have set freebsd as my google web alert. I came to know about this "dirty" use of Beasite in the loo.

    This is surely a deed of windoze guys and those who cant dare fight with UNIX out of the loo.

    No problem, our beastie is 'the daemon' and it'll teach a lesson to all these nonsense people. The mere presence of 'beastie' will frighten them soon.