Tuesday, 16 June 2009

UK to get 'World Class' Broadband?

I had to laugh at this article on the BBC: a new 50p tax on fixed lines in the UK to enable 'digital Britain' providing, among other things (up to) 50Mbps by 2017. A special highlight from our wonderfully inept Prime Minister:

"Britain is going to lead the world. This is us taking the next step into the future to being the digital capital of the world. -- Gordon Brown

Step back a bit... having 50Mbps broadband by 2017 is going to make us the 'the digital capital of the world'? Is he aware that South Korea is aiming for 1Gbps by 2012?!? (in case you're wondering, that's 20 times faster, five years earlier). Japan has 100Mbps now.

I sometimes wonder exactly which planet Gordon Brown is living on.

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