Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Religious Persecution Complex

In the best traditions of throwing a tantrum to get their way, the Mormons (I keep typing 'morons') in California are upset because public support for their suppression of gay rights is waning.  Enshrining the rights of those who think differently in law is a threat to their religious freedom, they whine.  Furthermore, they have the audacity to portray themselves as the persecuted minority, "similar to the intimidation of Southern blacks during the civil rights movement".

Every time I try to think of an appropriately outraged response, my brain just shuts down.  It simply can't deal with that level of stupidity.

Religions that kick and scream whenever they don't get their way are a common sight: the Catholics are upset because they were mocked by US comedienne, Sarah Silverman, who suggested that selling the Vatican and giving the proceeds to the poor would feed the hungry of the world.  The Muslims get upset every time someone doesn't automatically yield to their demands for respect (seriously, why would a non-Muslim care about the traditions and taboos of Islam?)  And then the Mormons, bat-shit crazy even by the high-bar set by standard Christianity, think that California legislation threatening to overturn their hate campaign is an attack on their religion.

I'm an atheist.  I really don't care which gods or spirits or entities you worship.  But when it infringes upon the rights of other people who wish to live their lives free of religiously-inspired bigotry, I start to have a problem.  And this notion that every disagreement is an attack against your god or gods, or your freedom to practice religion: forget it.  I don't have a problem with imaginary entities.  But I do have a problem with stupidity, and if you think that your particular brand of stupidity is allowed because it's sanctioned by an invisible being, that doesn't give it any more weight.

In a close to this rant, you might be thinking of some suitably boring tirade that involves either quotes from whichever book you believe is the One, True, Unaltered Word of God, or threats of violence or hellfire.  Save your fingers.  If I am wrong, and there really is a god, I'll happily answer to him/her/it when it's all over: the supreme creator of the universe doesn't need your assistance in eliminating me.

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