Saturday, 10 October 2009

Thank you, US Airways!

I spent some work-time in southern California about a month ago, involving a long day of travel from Glasgow to Philadelphia, and then from there to San Diego. With my entertainment loaded onto my iPod Touch, I was prepared.

At least, until I left it on the plane in Philadelphia on the way to the states.

Having realised almost immediately that I'd left it, I asked a US Airways representative if they could help out but, without a procedure to follow, there was nothing that could be done to get my iPod from the plane. It was mildly frustrating, but when it came down to it, it was my fault for leaving it! Still, I left my details in the hopes that it might turn up later.

Back home two weeks later, I got a call from US Airways asking if I had lost something, and when I confirmed the what and the when was told that they could take my postal address to return it to me. It took a while to get it across the Atlantic, but it finally arrived yesterday.

So thank you US Airways!

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